Counselling and psychotherapy in Moscow

Консультация психолога, Москва

Elizaveta Zubova, MA in psychology

Dear reader,

If you are visiting my page, you are probably looking for an English-speaking psychotherapist or counsellor in Moscow, Russia. In this short letter I will say a few words about myself, the help I can offer, the methods I use, and the ways to contact me.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Lisa. I am a native Moscow resident, 30-year-old, graduate (MA) of the Higher School of Economics, Psychology department, specializing in individual and couples therapy. I practice as a private counsellor and psychotherapist since 2009, in both Russian and English.

I mostly work with depressions, loneniness, midlife and family crises, adaptation issues, conflicts in multi-national families.

My methods list conversational psychotherapy, body and mindfullness practices, art therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy. I cannot prescribe medicines but I can recommend you a good doctor who can help.

My office is located next to Paveletskaya metro station (8-10 min walk). It’s cozy and private. I charge 3500 rubles per 60 minutes. Please contact me at least a day ahead to sign up for a meeting.

You can reach me at or +79037710891 (What’s App, Viber, Telegram, Facebook). Will be glad to help.

Кабинет психолога на Павелецкой

My cozy office